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Rolling Square InCharge XL 300cm
  • CABLE 6 IN 1 - InCharge XL has two input ports and three output ports for a total of 6 different connections. You can connect InCharge XL to any power source, to charge any device anywhere (Lightning, USB-C and microusb)
  • REMOVABLE ADAPTERS - The sliding adapters, which allow you to have six charging configurations with a single cable, are designed to be easily removed and reassembled, in case you do not need them
  • PROTECTIVE CAP - InCharge XL has been designed to last forever, that’s why we designed a new protective cap: it attaches to the cable to never lose it, protecting the connectors when not in use
  • FAST CHARGING - With the USB-C to USB-C 100 W power supply, InCharge XL can transfer a huge amount of energy. Can charge laptops, tablets and most smartphones at maximum charging speed
  • ROLLING SQUARE - Rolling Square is built around functionality, quality, design and minimalism. We design technological products that aim to simplify everyday life, which can be used frequently

Rolling Square InCharge XL 300cm

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Rolling Square InCharge XL 300cm - USB C Charger Cable, Lightning Cable for Smartphone, Universal Cable Charger 6 in 1, USB Plug, Black, 100W

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